Shasta Cove Dogs

The Pack, How we began...

thumb_rusty.jpgWe evolved into our many-dog life from a serendipitous meeting with Rusty. She was a spirited young pup who had fallen on hard times; one rear leg had been shattered by a bullet, she was starving and was quite emaciated.
lady.jpgAt the time we had one dog - a sweet, young Cocker Spaniel, Lady by name. Lady saw Rusty at about the same time Rusty saw Lady and it was, through all the pain & fear & newness, love at first sight. Tales wagging, they approached one & other - Rusty panting and 3 legged, Lady not sure but was a bit different with us 2 legged ones - Rusty took awhile to agree to get in the car with us - but get in, she did. And the rest is (our) history.......(click to continue with more of our story)

There are love dogs no one knows the name of.  Give your life to be one of them. - Rumi