Shasta Cove Dogs


We call her Queen Abbey- she is our alpha girl - a true and exceedingly dignified queen of her realm. Abbey came to us as a puppy from the Buddhist Abbey. They were looking for a home for this spirited pup who desired a more raucous life than the Monks were able to provide. She went to live with my Dad who we shared our property and life with. Abbey grew into her role as our queen - she had very definite ideas about how things should be and let us all know. She has taken very good care of us all over the years, with dignity and respect. We are her pack. Her strength and wisdom, quiet loving and the occasional snarl, lead us well. We are indebted to her. (continue)


Abbey died in the early Spring......
to read about her last few years, living with her illness,
please go to DogDays Blog,
and scroll down.

From our Blog 3/31/10:

She left us on Tuesday, when the moon was full.
She died with dignity and grace, in the loving arms of her family.....
she guided us through, as she has always done.
We miss her terribly and feel her here with us.
She was beautiful and brave, clever and funny, tender, loyal,
passionate, intelligent and strong. She wore her crown, as the
Queen of the Cove, perfectly, guiding us gently yet firmly,
and - tho Sally and Emma did not always think so - fairly.
These last years, as Abbey's physical self diminished
her spirit continued to grow,
encomapssing and accepting all that came her way;
she added vulnerablity to her many strengths.
All of us learned so much from Abbey - none more than my Dad,
whom Abbey, along with Hank, came to live with
shortly after my mom's death.
The depth of loving companionship they shared brought us all
joy, gratitude and peace.
We are so much the better for having known, loved,
and been loved by, Abbey.
She was, (she is?), an extrordinary being
who graced us all with her presence.
As sadness threatens to overwhelm........
the loving and gratitude continue to grow.



There are love dogs no one knows the name of.  Give your life to be one of them. - Rumi