Shasta Cove Dogs


Shortly after my Dad died our sweet cocker, Lady, died too. We were so sad. I had never been a small dog person - but Lady changed all that for me and I was totally besotted. After she was gone and I was able to breathe again, we knew we wanted another small dog. This one we actually went looking for - and found Emma. Princess Emma is small, but don't tell her - she runs with the big dogs - she is very loving and feisty and funny and full of ideas about what she wants. Whereas Abbey was a queen, Emma is definitely a princess - queens have far too much responsibility.

bodhi.jpgHer brother, Bodhi - sometimes known as Prince Bodhi Muffin - came too - he had been the runt of the 10 puppies and Emma was his protector so we knew not to separate them. Bodhi lives in town with Emma's other mother and they have sleep over's and visits. He is sweet and funny and full of attitude and kisses.(CLICK HERE to continue)

There are love dogs no one knows the name of.  Give your life to be one of them. - Rumi