Shasta Cove Dogs


If a dog can be tall, dark, & handsome - it would be Hank. Deep and quiet, reserved tho never shy, he seems like the Greek Chorus of our lives, always watching and aware. He came to us in need of a home. He had severe anxiety and was uneasy with everyone except my Dad. He went to live with Abbey at Dad's. Over the course of a few years with Dad's gentle loving, Abbey's direction, and daily visits with all of us, Hank came out of his anxiety and the wise old man of the Cove has emerged, serene and observant, sweet and deep. He is the watcher, always carefully letting us know what is really going on - if we can quiet ourselves and listen, he has much to tell us.

daddogs2.jpgAbbey & Hank were Dad's loving companions - they shared his life as he shared theirs. Shortly before he died dad told me he felt fortunate to have lived long enough to really understand the depth of loving between dogs and men - he said this with such gratitude and understanding. Abbey and Hank came to live with us after dad died in 2002. When I miss my Dad I could always find him with the two of them. Abbey died in the late Spring of this year. Now when I miss Abbey or my Dad, it is Hank who helps me find them.(CLICK HERE to continue)

There are love dogs no one knows the name of.  Give your life to be one of them. - Rumi