Shasta Cove Dogs


Joy is a young Golden Retriever.
She came to us from a very loving family
who struggled with their love for her and their desire for her to live
the unconstrained dog life they knew she deserved.
As dog-magic would have it,
Joy's family and I met serendipitously.....and as her story unfolded
we knew we had the perfect place for her.
Before she moved in, Joy spent a day with each dog, individually,
and brought...well, Joy! to every interaction.
Even Sally was smitten!
When she came to stay, the transistion from Joy-less to Joy-full was seamless.
She runs and plays and chases her kong all day,
smiles up at us endlessly,
dances across the living room on her hind legs in anticipation of dinner,
and when the day is done, she sleeps soundly and well,
curled up on the couch between Tuxedo and Henry.
Who knew there could be more Joy?!
There are love dogs no one knows the name of.  Give your life to be one of them. - Rumi