Shasta Cove Dogs


Lucky came next.

Lucky was a purebred golden retriever adopted from the animal shelter by our neighbors. He spent most of his days at our house, playing with Rusty and Lady and their dogtoys. He had two favorites, a big red kongtoy and whatever Frisbee was flying through the air. After a few months of visiting, Lucky came to live with us permanently. He had severe colitis. He responded well to an allergen free food and within a year he was healthy. Lucky was the softest and sweetest of dogs, all he wanted was to love and play. He had his own way of holding our hand in his mouth, ever so softly, when we went for walks, as if he were guiding us to his way. And, he was. We all learned so much about fearless loving and having fun from him. He played endlessly and joyously, he could retrieve all day – he was beautiful, he was big, he was Golden, truly. (CLICK HERE to continue)

There are love dogs no one knows the name of.  Give your life to be one of them. - Rumi