Shasta Cove Dogs


Sally is our spirited, wild girl. She took on where Rusty left off - perhaps a bit more spirited, if that is possible. She is very smart, very loving and very hyper. She came to us in the middle of one night, as a small puppy, - she had found a home that did not work out. Our vet calls her our ‘adrenalin dog'. It has taken quite awhile, but with patience and training on ALL our parts Sally has become the best behaved dog in the pack - she is smart and sweet and wild and wants to be alpha girl, (while Abbey had other ideas). Sally's feet are white, her body black, and with her white paws she looks as tho she is wearing gloves - her only concession to Abbey's decorum.(CLICK HERE to continue)

There are love dogs no one knows the name of.  Give your life to be one of them. - Rumi