Shasta Cove Dogs


It was a dark and stormy night..............snowing, wet, and windy; and there in the road, lying still, was a dog. I stopped, got out of my car and approached him, very gingerly, scared of what I might find - the dog slowly sat up as I got to him, shaken, but seemingly unhurt - he tried to stand and trembling, made it onto four legs. It took 45 wet, cold minutes (for both of us!) to coax him to my car - the dog cookies I had found on the car floor helped, he seemed starving,  - he jumped into the front passenger seat and sitting straight as could be he rode shotgun the rest of the way home. On the way I told him the only thing he must do is get along with all the other pups. He took my words to heart. When we got home, he bounded up the stairs as if he knew exactly where he was going, ran into the house and immediately lay on his back for all to sniff and greet. With introductions made he curled up next to the fire and slept the night away. The other pups let him be. The next morning when we could check him out we saw he was very skinny, matted, and filthy, otherwise he seemed ok......tho, he was not: later that day he had his first, frightening, life-threatening epileptic seizure...........his epilepsy, at this point, is managed well and has been for 9 years. The transition from not having Tuxedo with us to having him here was such an easy one, it was as though he had been here all along. He accepted, and was accepted by, all of us immediately. He is a sweet and easy friend, long legged and big hearted, who loves to dig huge, deep holes all across the meadow. He is a playmate and companion to each of us.(CLICK HERE to continue)

There are love dogs no one knows the name of.  Give your life to be one of them. - Rumi